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Ninghai Plastic Eighth Factory, established in 1985, mainly focus on plastic products manufacture and development, also offer OEM&ODM custom service. 

Keywords: household garden plastic parts, electronic plastic parts



Products Category:Plastic Building Materials

Color:Gray, black, etc.

Product Specifications:250X250(mm)

The products are used in various types of exhaust ventilation of the house can be changed by adjusting the blade angle and size through the exhaust direction.

Material:ABS or HIPS

Specifications: There are different sizes and types, respectively: 250X250;300X300;360X360.

Packaging: 10 per carton, lined with plastic bags. Carton size, respectively: 35X31X57CM;35X36X67CM;42X42X67CM.

Gross Weight: 6.5 kg / box, 8 kg / carton, 11.5 kg / box.

Description: The products are divided into front and rear box frame, before the box is white, after the box is black.

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In accordance with the international standards, Chinese national standards and foreign standards designated by customers, factory carefully examines each process to be responsible for customers. We passed the I S O 9 0 0 1 Quality Management System Certification, which provides a strong guarantee for our standardized operation.
In the core business goal of customer satisfaction, by further strengthening manufacturing technologies、improving management、optimizing process flow and selecting more effective materials, we will provide customers with better products、more efficient service and more favorable prices. Concentrating to injection industry and aiming to be a reliable plastic products supplier, has always been our goal.

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